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The First Amendment should Change

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Our the past several decades I have noticed how these founding insights and principles of religious and political freedom have fared in the hands of the United States Supreme Court, compare to international human rights. Last 20 years Supreme Court has taken a number of twists and turn in many First Amendment political and religious cases to pleases powers. It troubling for me to see gradually weakening of the First Amendment clauses in my Case Mehdi V. America Docket 11-768 and many more which leaves the legislature and the States with much more discretionary power our minor political and religious freedom then the federal courts. Such a shifting practice ask what should be common national right of political and religious liberty. In my view the federal courts should provide common and firm political and religious liberty protections for all as well as for the minor political parties no matter where they happen to reside along with belief, pigment and culture. American is my home and I believe we need for a strong common national law on political and religious liberty in the face of grim local bigotry State by State and Town by Town especially in Bristol Connecticut where am from. Every time I remember my experience of political and religious activities in State of Connecticut it takes my memories on the horrific abuses inflicted on Jews and others during World War II. America should have a vision of a strong federal constitutional law of political and religious liberty. It is essential for American freedom only Federal courts are in position to enforce this request from a minor political party and Minorities religious liberties.
The people party of Connecticut
Written by Ajmal Mehdi

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