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A Basti

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A Basti ( village)

Overlooking the land of five rivers of Multan Pakistan, there is a small Basti. A Basti is a village where all the people live and work side by side as a large family on one big farm. Every one shares in the chores , tilling the soil, harvesting the crops, caring for the livestock and tending the mango gardens and other fruits grown for which City of Saints in known even in the United States.

In this Basti (village) there are also many children this is a story about the five of them Abraham , Sarah, Musa, Ali and Batool . They are good friend and study together in the same school . They live in same area and play together almost everyday , ever since they are born they know each other like brother and sister they are in between 7 to 9 years old except Batool she is 5.
Since the people of Basti all live together as a large family they share the good things that happens we’ll as the troubles.

Children help parents by feeding the animals and care for gardens and the vegetables at the seasonal harvesting time . Children go out to the fields with adults to gather the wheat and to take it to the barns where they store until it’s ready to ground into fine fresh flour for bread.
Beside these work which all the people of Basti ( Village ) do together each of the five children have special work , Abraham job is to tend horses that work hard in the fields of this small village . The time school in over Abraham hurry to the stable he strokes manes of Kala, Kali and the bacha.
How are you feeling ?
Are you very tired ?
He ask the horses as he looks over their legs and hoofs for scratches , clean with strips of soft cloth .
Don’t I make a good doctor bacha ? Ask nicely
When Abraham grows up he wants to be a animal doctor a veterinarian who treat not human beings but only animals to keep them well and happy.
Bacha gives a loud whinny,

One day when there is no school Abraham jumps on the back of Kala the friskiest bourse in the barn , kala flying like the wind around Basti ( Village ) until it’s time for supper .
While Abraham busy with the horses, a black long hair Sarah busy working in the Chicken coop, running and skipping all around in one hand bowl with chicken feed her other hand is waving a big , ha la lo ya , to move them to one side busy back and forth cleaning the coop.
Sarah talks to chickens but chickens do not listen, they are busy scrambling for the best seeds Sarah has scattered around the ground for them , Carefully she gathers up the all the eggs for breakfast.
Thank you for the delicious eggs Sarah whispers to the hens while roster ready for the Azan.
As soon as Musa finishes his homework , he runs to the cow-shed to visit moti , bahri,lambi and pagul the cows of the village . Musa pick their names himself from experiences and behavior . When the cows see Musa coming they start mooing so joyfully that you can hear them in India .
Musa thinks they must be very hungry.

I don’t know how you moo so loudly while holding an armful of fresh straw to Pagul, you make delicious sweet white milk out of all that dry , yellow straw you eat . I just don’t get it Musa said to cow . The friendly look at Musa with her gentle, bulging eyes and chewing the cud as if she was trying to think up a way of explanation.
But she gets too busy swinging her tail to chase the flies off her backs. Oh. Never mind Musa says you can tell me some other time .
Ali the most serious and youngest boy of the three , helps care for the mango garden where best mangos grow. When the mangos are ripe they turn a beautiful deep-yellow color and fill the village air with a delicious sweet smell. That is the time when they have to be picked from their trees. Ali takes each ripe mango and wraps it carefully into thin, red paper .
There you go he whispers as he puts each fruit into its own special place in the big basket while he is careful from the honeybees who wants to taste the sweet mongo juice.
The baskets full of mangos will be taken to the village market to be sold.
Batool who is the youngest member of this group and full of fun works in the vegetable garden . There are the cucumbers , the peas , the carrots , the lettuce , the beans , the leafy spinach and of course red tomatoes with green papers next to it . Batool waters them and pull outs all the ugly weeds so they won’t crowed out the healthy vegetables , Who needs you ? Batool scolds as she tears out a weed growing beside a cucumbers.
Next to the vegetable garden there is a flower garden too, children’s are very proud of their flowers garden which help make the village a beautiful place almost like the garden of Eden in the Quran . Batool is especially proud of the rose bushes where the birds make their nests she listens to the Hud Hud sing and makes up a song with words all her own which she teaches the rest of the children..

Batool,s mother and father are busy preparing for a new family member to arrive from heaven she doesn’t know that she would have a little brother or sister who will be part of her family.

The children have a share not only in the work of the village but also have fun when baby calf, goat or lamb is born the children choose the names for their new friends , in holidays they help put up holidays decorations , when family members visit from different city they greet them and take them for walk to show the village .

The children are learning basic steps of nature by playing with baby calf, ponies, goats and lambs. They love reading books Abraham love reading stories to the children every Saturday they have a picnic where everyone reads and write stories .
Abraham tells a story from a Book name “Human Fealty“ this story is about a young boy name Lincoln who was born in a small farm in Kentucky United States. It was not easy for Lincoln to go to school. He helped his family by working in farm due to extraordinary common sense and ambition to learn Lincoln never waisted a minute of his life always learning from the books of his stepmother. While working in the farm he always thought about changing tasks by making them simpler and easier to improve productivity. At his young age Lincoln had many experiences of poverty , struggle and witnessed some people are suffering and treated bad just because of the pigment of the skin. Lincoln realized that he must work hard to gain knowledge in order to improve life of children who are born in the darkness . 52 two years went by quick and Lincoln was elected president of the United States to change structure and system for children to be born free.

Listing to this story a ray of hope shown on the faces of the children and Batool asked Abraham where is this Village of America Abraham replied I don’t know it’s in this book.
Batool got the surprise news of her baby brother they named him Ismael . All children were happy celebrating for new member of family school summer vacations started all five children are busy playing everyday the young baby is too little to be outside. Sunday morning Mohel arrived in the village some people call him Brit in Different language older children ran away from him as he arrived to Circumcise Ismael and to cook food for people a celebration that reminds young children story of Prophet Mohammed PBUH.
Whole Village was invited to celebrate at the same time children are being trained from the instructions of the fathers time to time . They hears nothing but do,s and don’t doesn’t understand the meaning of the actions yet when they grows up virtuous mental and spiritual habits attained inwards slowly during this time in the village while playing and learning true nature so they can have a happy and healthy culture.

I wrote this story in the memory of my Nephew Mohammed Ali who was medical doctor killed just because he was Muslim.


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October 31, 2016 at 12:02 am

Invitation of Humanity

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INVITATION OF HUMANITY Kidney pyramids filters different ingredients such as sodium, chloride, potassium, and calcium But particles of Proteins are not passed through the filter because of the size…

Source: Invitation of Humanity

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Victams of Seven forms of Slavery

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Seven Forms of Slavery

Government – use the tricks of threat of national security and pass laws without studying the conscience of the law and used the law on immigrants minorities to control freedom is absolutely slavery. In 7th Century grand son of Prophet Mohammed family was the first victims of this kind of slavery. Tradition holds that the Imam’s innocent family was decapitated and his body mutilated in Karbala just because imam refused Yazid (Dictator) classless religious system of pleasure and good time of atheism and to protect human rights. Imam Hussein’s event is the heart and the part of Abrahamic family to uplift humanity.we became victams of modran slavery  after conspiracy and treagdy of 911 changed belief to save life because most American are Christains , jaws or Hindu are privileged here . Killed my nephew Ali in Pakistan and monitored activities here in America and in Pakistan by tracking phone calls .

Computer and Cell phone – surveillance is often carried out covertly and may be completed by governments, corporations, criminal organizations, or individuals It may or may not be legal and may or may not require authorization from a special court or other independent government agency without proper permission to control freedom of innocent people is a new types of slavery, telemarketing call by organized members to create fear of government , blocking jobs applications on electronic devices, monitoring political and religious activities without authorization of authorities is absolutely slavery and violation of privacy of people.

Forced Labor — Describes all types of coerced work that an individual must provide against his or her will. Contemporary forced laborers are treated as property to be exploited commercially, much in the same way African Americans were regarded during the antebellum period in American history.

Bonded Labor or Debt Labor — Describes slavery in which an individual is compelled to work in order to repay a debt. It differs from other forms in that, oftentimes the laborer and the employer initially enter into a mutual agreement. However, contract conditions may be illegal and/or vastly more beneficial to the employer than the laborer. These workers become slaves when they continue working, but cannot pay off their initial debt because of exploitative contract terms and, thus, cannot leave.

Sex Slavery — Describes women, men or children that are exploited in the commercial sex industry, which may include: pornography, prostitution, erotic entertainment, strip clubs, online escort services, residential brothels, hostess clubs, fake massage parlors or any exchange of a sex act for something of value. Money may or may not be exchanged; other things that may be traded for sex acts are drugs, shelter, food or clothes. A person’s initial consent to participate is irrelevant if that person is held in service through psychological manipulation or physical force.

Child Slavery — Describes all child labor obtained from individuals under the age of 18 through the means of force, deception or coercion. Children can be enslaved in debt bondage, forced labor, prostitution, armies, domestic work and other forms of hazardous work. Today, forced child labor exists in nearly every industry around the globe.

Domestic Servitude — Describes slaves that are forced to work in extremely hidden workplaces: private homes. Domestic workers become slaves when their employer uses force, fraud or coercion to control or convince an employee that they have no choice but to continue working. Isolating environments, unfamiliar languages, confiscated travel documents and restricted mobility are often connected to this form of slavery.

Human Faith is a religious of God (Rab) of humanity (Rabi). The definition of humanity (Rabi) in our faith is the quality of being humane and respectful for life.
The waves of fresh air with small particles full of wisdom and oxygen of (Rabi) are in the air it is just matter of time when they touch the brain to change the heart for humanity. Human Faith is heavenly light of knowledge restriction on sacred light is eclipse on humanity and blasphemy.


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