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Quaid-E-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah

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Quaid-E-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah

A great mother had among her children a younger boy named Common Sense . Upon a certain occasion she requested him to dust some books that she had hidden in an old chest. Now when the young man reached the bottom of the chest he found a wonderful book which he opened and read. it told that the greed had killed the knowledge in Pakistan , the light of society in the name of “Education” and said that knowledge had promised to return in seven days but he never did. all followers of Knowledge then began to migrate to America,Canada, Europe and Middle East especially minorities of culture for better life and peace. Perhaps few believed that knowledge surely will come again some time. when young boy read this book he was worried because he had discovered that Knowledge was not in Pakistan and had not return when he promised . So he went to a teacher about the matter he answered that he better seek the knowledge himself and find if he were not in Pakistan .

So boy prepared to find the knowledge and that night he went to sleep late at night by thinking where to find knowledge and looked a dream that he is standing by a river that had a beautiful island as he continued to look he saw a castle built of gold in the midst of the island beautiful a palace on so beautiful an island must surely be the house of knowledge , Suddenly he hear the voice of saying you must be honest respectful to basic laws of Common sense for traffic, education, justice and cleaning in order to find knowledge. looking around the boy seeing no one feeling confused Said Who you are and why knowledge left Pakistan.

The voice paused there was no answer and boy began to look at the castle after while the voice spoke again Am Quaid-e-Azam and you wants to know the Pakistani education system is the legacy of the British which supposed to change. It was adopted without any change due to the newborn nation in 1947. Although the system was not at all suitable to meet the need and requirements, Pakistan had no choice because the country was struggling to improve it’s others problems. Pakistan was created on majority of Muslim populated areas but most teachers were either Hindu or Sikh .

Due to their migration, Pakistan was hard hit and because of the shortage of qualified teachers it was difficult for the new nation to pay much attention on education . At that time all Pakistani leaders were struggling hard to sustain freedom from enemies. Many Muslim teachers who migrated from India joined their brothers and accepted the challenge to face difficult task. On the other side, India already had stable system and many qualified teachers who started working on system to improve and change structure of intermediate and primary stage of education which produced an army of engineers ,doctors , scientists and experts in all major fields .
The system of migration created chaos for many families who lost educated people and properties while migrating to Pakistan by roads and trains. The servants of Hindus and Sikhs become the landlords by controlling the left behind Lands by their masters. The gift of Pakistan become a great test for Mahajir families who had nothing and many loved ones to care.
The voice stopped a while and spoke again my dream for a strong Pakistan became a hope seeking struggling nation of Islam after me. Many corrupt leaders and the army lost East Pakistan in 1971 just for their personal interest. In 80’s the Pakistani education structure was destroyed but system continued which converted schools in to madrasas and jihad for a better Pakistan turned into jihad for Punjabi, Mahajir, Sindhi, Pathan.

Education becomes business for rich people when corporations and private schools start poking up which cause higher schools fees and 25% of population in small cities and villages start sending their innocent kid to madrasa or Urdu medium schools, some of which are funded by our brothers to permute Islam in Islamic country but Common Sense.

A large number of failures in government run public schools some times more then 70% was not happy ending for parents and poor families waste of money, time and energy. 25% of these kids never returned due to financial problems or lack of their parents interest. Business of different books and different uniform with huge school bags of thousand of private schools are destroy the name of education. Transporting children to school and from school became huge business of profit and suffering for families. Education system under state or federal umbrella will control cost of education for poor families .

It is responsibility of Political leaders to analyze conditions of Pakistan and save hope seeking, struggling Pakistani from poverty, health, culture, religious and political problems by sating examples of honesty and justice. Government Enforcement of tax law in order to achieve knowledge and freedom from private powers.

My monuments in the heart of Karachi have become a place of prostitution.
Suddenly the voice stopped and boy felt a few rain drops on his face from the skies and felt tears drops from the eyes of Quaid-E-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

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