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Beyond the imagination the world is being put under the mind for verbs and nouns in many Semitic languages. The writer is he who can articulate the true meaning and give the power which makes the new idea for change and puts eyes a tongue into every event that happened in Bristol Connecticut United States at the 511 Pine Street an inanimate object for future direction of human fealty. The language accidency and fugecity are the eyes of israfeal . he who understands the language stands two steps nearer to the reality of greed, discrimination, city and state powers against minorities. The language of Rabi is true religion and science of free thought and higher facts of prejudices from the eyes of uneducated people. Rabi is a fossil poetry consist of events that happened after 911 tragedy against Mehdi family of Bristol Connecticut.
Rabi explains chains of expressions against muslims of America and the patriot Act the force of dictatorships in the hands of city, State and federal officials with community partnership against language of freedom. The events are like leafs coming out from the tree of tragedy that was manifested for colorful Minorities who spoke Rabi. A pure tongue of nature with message of freedom to all Americans for Human Fealty.
Written by Mehdi
The People Party of Connecticut


Written by humanfealty/human Faith

May 10, 2016 at 11:00 am

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