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Elections of the White House

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First i would say an unjust law exists in our constitutional politics and basic freedom. Government ought not to be invested with powerful business people with power to control sciences of citizens like us who are subject to many discouragements and difficulties created by IRS and State Department for political and religious freedom.


Elections of the White House

Almost 16 years ago, a new administration was selected for the white house to run the nation. The administration was so excited to take charge of the world leadership as soon as possible so they decided to take flight instead of road to the Washington DC from Texas Ranch. The flight pilots were Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush who learned how to fly planes from last two administrations before them.

At 12:00 noon flight took off from Texas to Washington DC the new administration was sitting in the back of the plane they were very excited and got out of control and started running and celebrating in the plane because of their celebration the pilot noticed flight disturbance and decided to go back to see what was happening. The administration was running right and left of the plane which caused the plane to go out…

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April 2, 2016 at 6:26 pm

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