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The American higher law making process has become the black swan of Democracy in which minor political voices are pushed to the side. Many laws that have been in common use within our democracy are insufficient, too general and written in an unclear style that favors dualism. Furthermore, they are difficult to comprehend by common people. The People Party of Connecticut has been trying to upgrade charters and confused laws to improve democracy since 2003. Recently in our political discussion in library was on the issue of the independent oversight entity law, which was created in 1974 by SEEC.

According to the law A five person bipartisan State Election Enforcement Commission ( SEEC) agency created in 1974. This agency has the responsibility of upgrading basic voting rules, monitoring and investigating the issues of violations of laws according to the General Statutes ( C.G.S) title a, chap 141, Sec 9-7a and 9-7b of 1974. Since times have changed, this law is due to be upgraded. A proposal would be for seven members in which five shall not be affiliated with any major political party. The seven member team shall debate and uplift charters of many towns and cities who are left behind in democratic process.

On the matter of composition of members according to the Sec 9-7a, the same seven members shall be responsible for distributing the appointments equally among the minority leaders of the house of Representative as well as Pro-Tempore of the Senate with Governor. This law will enhance Democracy since five members from seven shall be independent which will result in fairer elections. It is necessary to reform this obvious flaw in our democratic system, which has deprived people of their rights and minor political parties. The laws should suit the conditions of the time and their level of comprehension, enabling them to understand the laws and abide by their requirements of 21-century democracy.

Written by Ajmal Mehdi
A responsible Citizen of State and Country
The people party of Connecticut
American Minorities Alliance
511 Pine Street Bristol CT

Written by humanfealty/human Faith

November 16, 2015 at 1:19 am

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