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Women’s Rights

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Women’s Rights

Since the education amendment act of 1972, colleges and universities are required to develop procedures to respond to harassment and to educate the pupils on using common sense. by developing training programs for public primary and middle school teachers and students for better system. while i am residing in Asia for a few months, i have noticed poverty and the lack of basic education, which is taking a huge toll on the population. lacks of basic minor things are creating roadblocks. sanitation is one of the major issue for Pakistan. simple steps such as making lines for things can change and make life easy. male dominated culture in every single department from the local level to federal is a cultural sore for thousands of years from america to india , we americans have moved forward in this regards but many nations are still trapped old aged ideologies.

most important things are health and basic education. i personally believe that all religious communities are responsible for addressing sexuality, women rights, human rights and child labor, which provide a safe environment where issues are addressed with respect based on human fealty, religious education among youth and adults about love of humanity , and in community social action programs for clean communities is an extremely urgent issue in Asia especially in india and Pakistan. i believe that religious communities have a unique role in providing basic education and common sense, across asian countries to institute new courses and institutional changes on basic needs and issues, through education including a classroom graduate course, an online, graduate-level course to trained community leaders, religious speakers and teachers training workshops, and ongoing research and practices by visiting developed countries.

in January 2012, the people party of Connecticut started meeting in libraries across major cities in new England to find out basic issues and how to educate and change old ideologies for a better future. minor things are behind religious and political matters all around the globe from reproductive justice, marriage equality, gender diversity ,sexual abuse prevention and child abuse, health, education, trafficking of women, girls and children’s , child labor laws, human rights, women’s rights in male dominated societies and man rights in women’s dominated system.

every political and religious ideology has a different answer to the same problem based on cultural, religious and political power and special interest groups . based on my religious institute and divine affirmations of human faith this rules should be allowed in every single nation to uplift humans from stone aged policies and practices.

1. we believe all people are entitled to freedom, peace and justice. we will do all that we can to see these rights are promoted and protected in the current century.

2. we believe any kind of negative discrimination such as racism, sexism and religious persecution are crimes against humanity. we cannot endorse sole progression of man from animal as it rejects spiritual evolution. we will respect all human kind.

3. we believe in freedom of the press and object to media censorship. we believe we have the responsibility to stay informed and the right to have resources for this available without restrictions.

4. we reject war, terrorism and arms build ups as they are plagues on mankind and the environment.

5. we support and encourage efforts to preserve and protect the environment. air and water pollution, unbridled harvesting of fossil fuels and loss of habitat need to be stopped. we are committed to do our part by recycling and curbing wasteful habits. we recognize our responsibility to future generations in this regard.

6. we believe we must provide education worldwide in health and family planning. we must foster respect for life and accept responsibility for the offspring we create. programs facilitating border less adoptions need to be encouraged.

7. we believe everyone is entitled to a good quality of life including clean water and air, energy availability for home and commerce and a healthy diet. every nation and its leaders must be accountable that these needs are met.

8. we will respect all life including animal rights and insist on their protection and humane treatment in food preparation entertainment and sports.

9. we are honest in all our dealings and we respect the dignity of others. we will instill these beliefs in our children in order to promote happiness and peace.

10. we believe that the government works best at the local level. the closer the control of the government is to its people, the more interest and control citizens hold in political matters.

11. we believe that america is a nation of a unique founding and historical experiences. therefore, we do not believe that american institutions and our way of life should be imposed upon nations of different origins.

12. we believe that the local and or federal government not “follows through” with anything not spelled out clearly in the constitution.
our religious institute affirms the moral agency of human faith and asks faith communities to support Devine affirmations for equal access to common sense of abrahamic monotheistic ideology.

our religious institute challenges many religious leaders to speak publicly about issues of 21st century by developing democratic processes for times when action is require to push change i notice higher number of unemployment forced or coerced sexual exploitation that is not limited to prostitution, and has become a significant and growing problem in the larger part of global community. the costs to society include the degradation of women’s rights, poor public health, disrupted communities, child marriage, inter marriage, higher divorce rates thus, it is a critical health issue with broader social implications that requires both medical and legal attention .

The “ world health organization” (WHO) needs to improve the screening, identification, and assistance system for victims specially for children’s women and girls access legal and social services,. senior citizen in Asia are suffering who do not have families support.

human suffering is a modern-day form of slavery that involves degradation of human development and (UN) united nation leadership is responsible by not acknowledging the fact that the leadership of any country that doesn’t help its people should not be in power in 21st century.

Written By Ajmal Mehdi
The People Party of Connecticut


Written by humanfealty/human Faith

August 29, 2015 at 3:09 pm

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