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    Connecticut Campaign Finance laws and Discrimination

    It has been 13 years since the people party of Connecticut has been in a struggle to uplift the constitutional politics for higher law making to upgrade Charters and rules town by town. Many rules and charters are extremely different from state rules by interpreting and most important is who is behind the counter Republican or Democratically op pointed city or town manager.
    Since 2003 when the people party members were forced to sign the Patriot Act, I have studied chapter 155 of General Statutes, Sections 9- 625 to learn the Enforcement Policies of Dualism of Jefferson democracy.

    My personal experience with Connecticut campaign rule started when an African American gentleman dropped a one hundred dollar bill in the contribution jar of the People party with out providing his name and address for Election Enforcement Commission.
    This begins the nightmare for a minor political party who ran the 2012 Election with total expense of $ 313.00 dollars. Politically appointed Connecticut Election Enforcement Commission wouldn’t digest the 100.00 dollar contribution from the Gentleman who contributed money by hoping the people party would be able to bring change based on our promised and motto Equal Representation of humanity without bias for moral values.

    The people party contribution jar at the Lucky Mini Mart of Bristol never received more than a Quarter or Dime from the party members, the 100 dollars was a jackpot for the people party and millions of Questions from Connecticut Campaign Finance laws from Elections Commission . The ad was published in many newspapers for the Gentleman who had drop 100 dollars bill in the contribution jar to come in and provide Name and Address for Connecticut Campaign Rules and for Commission that cost me $295.00 dollars and no one showed up. Finally many calls from the IRS and many different departments were able to force us to close our office and file for business & personal Bankruptcy to satisfy both Republican and Democratic politically appointed commissioners , lawyers , mayors and so on .

    That was an amazing journey and a hard landing, becoming a candidate in any election has become so complicated for minor and independent political parties. The SEEC and IRS fillings , requirements and discouragement from ongoing political powers from town and state offices is not an healthy outcome for American future. The people party members and myself would like to see some rule changes in order to bring political change for better democratic process , in my Supreme Court Case 11-768 of Washington DC and Supreme/Appellate Court of Hartford Connecticut case AC-34501 I argued that State Court and State Law allotment for minor political parties and independent political individual should file and report to the State Supreme Court of each state in the union in order to protect them from conflict of interest by political opponents.

    The Public Act 08-02 enacted a prohibition on lobbyists and their families and friends from illegal favors, it’s extremely hard for a new ideology or political party to survive the republican and democratic run IRS, SEEC , FEC and our towns and cities.

    The rules of General Prohibitions and Penalties are in need of an honest change to encourage new ideologies and political platform for better democracy while special protection should be provided by IRS and SEEC offices for minor political parties and individuals who are forced to file for Bankruptcies just because of Elections .

    Minor parties need to be given more advantages than the centuries old republican and democratic parties since they have not had the time or money to establish themselves. If we keep watering and nourishing the old parties and their old ways,there will be no room left for our nation to advance with the times. Minor, new parties bring newer ideologies that fall in line with the changing ways of society.

    Written By Ajmal Mehdi
    The People Party of Connecticut
    American Minorities Alliance



    July 20, 2015 at 10:36 pm

  2. we the members of Minorities alliance would to see changes on Municipality political committees contributions limited from all departments employees who where haired for political reasons , America is suffering because of illegal favers and in-kind contributions. Mehdi



    July 20, 2015 at 10:43 pm

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