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Political Freedom for Minorities

Since 1776 it seems Republicans and Democrats are living in a fantasy Political system, they pre arrange elections without respecting the Constitution and federal , state and city charters. In 21st Century every one is equal and there is no such thing as competition of ideologies as long as two parities rule continues . It is true doesn’t it since the founding fathers of American democracy. Well now it doesn’t work.

In order to advances the human civilizations fair competition helps grow people knowledge and laws enormously in a true democratic system.
If there was no competition we Americans would have been living in Stone Age and would never landed on the moon. The competition becomes the national pride for people in order to grow but it must be fair and clean .
2012 Election the people party of Connecticut received 841 votes as an independent voter registrar and came on third position according to federal rules and hundreds of democratic city around the world whom populations in more then sixty thousand people.
As an Upright Americans we owe much of our advancement to mini competition and revolutions every now and then between ideologies, companies, nations , technology as well as system of democracy and Human fealty.
This is competition of ideas and technology that brought us to a new high and President Obama in the White House.
Our political structure and system needs an honest competition with trust and we the members of The People Party and myself challenges The Republicans and Democratic leadership to give us opportunity to challenge there ideological principle by respecting 2012 Election outcome in which People Party won a seat in the voter registrar office to organize for next Competition.
Written by Ajmal Mehdi
The People Party
www. Americansparty. com

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Fair Competition .




We would like to forward a request to ESPN to build a soccer stadium in Bristol CT. This stadium will allow for Bristol to generate income and will also be a venue for games at the city, state and even national level.  Bristol will in turn be recognized globally as a city that is in touch with the sports culture. Stadium such Manchester England, Estadio Azteca Mexico or The San Siro Stadium Milan Italy.


The location for the stadium could easily be where Memorial Boulevard middle school is as of now or any place in downtown. 


Many members of The People Party and Americans Minorities Alliance come to visit us from many places in the City of Bristol and would like to see ESPN present in downtown for the future generation that would help not only the city but people…

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May 16, 2015 at 8:31 pm

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