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    As we observe this new world democracy stirring years of war and promises of change with peace, proved to be the most tremendous failure of our time. Democracy is a law used to produce fruit of knowledge. Knowledge uplifts freedom and liberty with basic rules of life in a democratic family, city, society, state or country. The best democratic societies have minimum laws for basic safety of its people. Perhaps the peoples decisions is a democracy based on the numbers of votes to make a law and by selecting wise minds for office.

    My main concern is that many governments, a select few individuals, make decisions daily while the Constitution of democracy is according to the people. The law that is pure and truth goes by the name VE RE TAS. The past thirty years the purity and truth of democracy digested greed and lies into the system which is producing difficulties.

    Special conditions and tragedies are created from the influence of very narrow interest groups who are gaining authorities. Such institutional democracy raises many questions and concerns of future to remain comfortable. What must be done to secure a democracy and justice?

    VE RE TAS the truth by eliminating entitlements. Reform by changing democracy into new design of human fealty. It is a universal desire to uplift human being by changing the machinery of infidels. Smaller government principles can create overwhelming waves of inventions by fixing dysfunctional part of democracy and privatization of responsibilities.

    By 2050 technology will play a bigger and better roll in management of civilizations with economic performance between many nations. We have the extremely difficult challenges as well as advantages to unite all diversities to one identity of America while China has just Chinese and India with Indians as well as many others without much diversity. Cultivation of ideologies brings the most advance knowledge to self is Sine qua non to democracy.

    The last 12 years, war overburdened democracy into selfishness of special interest groups of warmongers. We were pushed in this mess to divert attention by very smart minds that have no face. Enemy, which has a face, is better than the friend who is faceless. It’s getting costly with money and most important image. In order to reaching far into the future certain things must change. Our foreign policy and Immigration balance is extremely important by diversifying with different cultures for universal aspiration and human fealty.

    Certain basic laws of freedom needed to be re- written and reinstated in the terms of ethnological ideologies. Welcoming new ideas for faster services, and by the teachings Nathan Hale who once said, I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.

    Sincerely, The People Party.



    humanfealty/human Faith

    December 30, 2014 at 4:32 am

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