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Mehdi Ajmal Mehdi

Sometime I wonder how to pray for the efficient cause, the light of my Lord in anatomical condition to fully appreciate thirty trillions cells, 206 bones, 700 muscles,5 liters of red water, 24 miles long vessels, 3 pound mass of fatty tissues, a unique pump and a divine soul in my body for his kindness.

Sometime i wonder behind the curtain of clouds a huge constellation and magnetism of matter and time.The truth is hiding behind a curtain of rumors and lack of knowledge. Spirituality is a journey from human being to be humane mutated for those who are Uneducated of the force that guide life in oscillate condition with trust.

Sometime i wonder the Ethical laws are very clear in Semitic languages basis of consonantal generally trilateral . The matter of trust issue is very important in belief. We don,t see Spirituality as a business point of…

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Written by humanfealty/human Faith

November 5, 2014 at 1:44 am

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