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This store was shut down by The City of Bristol and broken into multiple times.The telephone number for it was blocked, the owner had to move from his house and file for bankruptcy for personal and business. If you are a member of minor political party in America please do not try to get involved in American politics for freedom.
Most basic things that will happen to you:
1. Your life will change.
2. You will loss your friends and family.
3. You will never find job.
4. You will be dragged by State, City, and federal government for small matters.
4. You will loss your wife if she isn’t from your culture.
5. You will loss your home.
6. You will close your business.
7. Your kids may not got student loan.
8. Local banks will never help you for refinance & will try to foreclose on you.
9. Your family sponsorship will be held by the State Department.
10. You will be monitored by 18 different state departments for the rest of your life.
11. You will not find any attorney for your cause.
12. You will not find help from major media groups for freedom of the press and truth.
12. Especially if your are colored and independent American who is not part of Republicans and Democratic circle and believe in one God.
860.582.2226 Blocked
860.583.3338 still working
The People Party imageimage


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November 4, 2014 at 3:09 pm

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