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The Wrestling Match

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The Wrestling Match

Mr. Ghada and Mr. Haty are wrestler and bodybuilders. They undergo special training for a number of years before they are able to display their strength.
A big wrestling match was arranged at the people pavilion. The champion wrestler was Mr. Ghada for the last four years and Mr. Haty who always wins after eight years. Competing against them were several minor wrestlers with same ideologies.

A big arena was specially prepared for the match by Regular news media group to show the game. The reporters and their cameras were all around the athletes for the last three months before the match to brainwash the citizens about Mr. Ghada. Each player comes in extremely friendly before the match but after winning, turns untouchable until the next match. The contestants grappled with each other to show adversary on the back by his skill and strength of money.

On the last day, champion wrestlers entered the arena by the beat of the drums from the same commentator of Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC to show victory and confidence in Mr. Ghada. The same spectators for years give loud cheers as they shook hands to gain another contract, job and profit from fixed match.

Wrestlers were brave and strong as bulls. Mr. Ghada was short build and stocky compare to Mr. Haty who was tall and big. They grappled, they push and pulled each other to as real as possible. Now one lifted the other up and hurled him yards away. But he stood up again on his legs used his skill to throw his adversary on the side.

Quick as lightning, he sat on his chest and in the next moment Mr. Ghada won again. Drums were beaten by the patriotic followers of Mr. Ghada. It was a real treat for me to see the wrestling. This wasn’t the first time I saw this wrestling match and perhaps this will not be the last as long as referees are not independent and honest. Time goes by quick and here Im worry about my children’s future, healthcare cost, insurance,energy, payroll, liabilities, taxes, competition , retirement benefit and worker compensation as long as business as usual continues.
Ajmal Mehdi
The People Party of Connecticut

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