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The modern direction of development is Americas goal for democracy by eliminating the minorities participation through minor political parties which will produce hate and fear. It is time to echo the true ideological principal of life for Americans by defending freedom from brutal democratic fundamentalist who keep certain ethnic minorities in financial slavery. Humanity is struggling because various kinds of dictatorships in which laws are monopolized for political reasons. The Phenomena of poverty, health, war, global warming, earth, children and racial issues are connected with the current method of dividing wealth, education and health. We The People Party know that our universe does not contain anything that cannot be known, only certain things that are still unknown will be discover in near future. The most important knowledge to know is that we are part of superior matter and changing material. Therefore, We have the responsibility to teach respect for life which is the correct diagnosis of the illness for social system. The festival of American freedom is based on superior matter from our forefathers who sacrificed their lives to gain knowledge of theory and philosophy. Our young generation in schools are unaware of spiritual matter which is the phenomena of material pleasure by racing with machines and toys . The matter is unlimited but material is limited to time . The pain that is contributing for the people party is that the rule of the majority is based on color not knowledge. The people party’s method of teaching moral values and humanity can give a realistic purpose of achieving complete fulfillment of internal life for social uplifting of diverse society if given the opportunity to bring change.
We the people party members and myself believe that it is time to jog every American conscious to have to show them that there are more political ideologies than those who are in monarchy for two hundred thirty eight years by appointing chief Supreme Court Justices to keep control of Justice system by manipulating laws of the free land.
Ajmal Mehdi
The people party of Connecticut


Written by humanfealty/human Faith

July 27, 2014 at 8:44 am

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