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Mehdi was born in a cave due to the war between India and Pakistan which was sparked by Europeans to control population and to keep conflict in South Asia . Hours before his birth, few shells were dropped by an Indian plane which killed one cow and three camels. The war did not last for long because both nations couldn’t afford to kill each other and all the gold and other jewels were taken from South Asia by the British to Europe with allied nations .

At the time of Mehdi’s birth he didn’t cry, every one thought he would die. The woman who helped his mom bring him into this world told his father. He held him in his hands and started crying that his son would die. After a few minutes Mehdi started crying and his mom and dad were happy, that tells us suffering is in human nature . It is pleasure for some and suffering for others. And Mehdi is alive today . There was no hospital and his father had no money to afford it, But he was happy that Mehdi was crying .

He went outside and sat under a tree, the gusty wind and heat was giving taste of Multan.The radio signal was from BBC world news which was the only source for knowledge on how people got killed and where. The three major conflicts in the world were the legacy of the British which were created in 1947 on Palestine’s , Kashmir, northern Ireland .

Few yards away from Mehdi’s home there was a cemetery and a Saint used to live there whose name was Human Faith , he came for news and for his food . Mehdi’s father was happy and gave him some food and one Goat. Mehdi was about five years old when for the first time his mother told him about this story. It was on the day that she was arguing with his father about why he had given the goat to the old man .The animal was the reason of their argument almost every week. He played all day long, running around and trying to catch butterflies in the graveyard.

Time went by quick and Mehdi happened to be here in America watching the morning news because he was laid off from AT&T a few days before the planes struck the Twin Towers. The tragedy of September 11, 2001 changed his life once again and reminded him of hid old days in Qusar-E-Batool Pakistan.

The mental affect of the tragedy was hurting millions of innocent Muslims all over the world and all Americans. The Muslim population had no idea what was going to happen next, since Islam does not support violence .

Pakistan was all over the news because it was a safe haven for terrorists according to the media. Mehdi was sorry to see that his motherland was providing safe home for those who were consider “dagger Men” or extremists . They feed hearted into the innocent brains to use them for corruption and violence . They seek to magnify their influence and power to effect the human brain to create mental illnesses for unjust culture , group, religion, and fear of loving God (Rab) of humanity to keep them in their unjust path.

It was long due for all great greedy nations to realize and get involved, not just for commercial reasons for basic education for kids , women’s and for freedom to monitor and organize free elections in countries where nature needed to be changed .The most important issue was to monitor education systems in all nations without any exception to improve human nature from barbarian way of life to meet international standard. If we look back in history, it is true that the Islamic system was tried as one of the most powerful and successful social systems but it crippled after principal leaders of this system took ownership of Islam and became kings of some kingdoms.

Most of us know the Pakistani education system is the legacy of the British which was supposed to change. It was adopted without any change due to the newborn nation in 1947. Although the system was not at all suitable to meet the need and requirements, Pakistan had no choice because the country was struggling to improve it’s others problems. Pakistan was created on majority of Muslim populated areas but most teachers were either Hindu or Sikh .

Due to their migration, Pakistan was hard hit and because of the shortage of qualified teachers it was difficult for the new nation to pay much attention on education . At that time all Pakistani leaders were struggling hard to sustain freedom from enemies. Many Muslim teachers who migrated from India joined their brothers and accepted the challenge to face difficult task. On the other side, India already had stable system and many qualified teachers who started working on system to improve and change structure of intermediate and primary stage of education which produced an army of engineers ,doctors , scientists and experts in all major fields .
The system of migration created chaos for many families who lost educated people and properties while migrating to Pakistan by train. The servants of Hindus and Sikhs become the Landlords by controlling the left behind Land by their masters. The gift of Pakistan become a great test for Mahajir families who had nothing and many loved ones.
Quaid-e-Azams dream for a strong Pakistan became a hope seeking struggling nation of Islam after his death. Many corrupt leaders and the army lost East Pakistan in 1971 just for their personal interest. In 80’s the Pakistani education structure was destroyed but system continued which converted schools in to madrasas and jihad for a better Pakistan turned into jihad for Shia , Sunni ,Punjabi, Mahajir, Money, Sex, West, East., America, Europe.

Education becomes business for rich people when corporations and private schools start poking up which cause higher schools fees and 25% of population in small cities and villages start sending their innocent kid to madrasa or Urdu medium schools, some of which are funded by our Arabs Muslim brothers to permute Islam in Islamic country to make one more Kingdom.

A large number of failures in government run public schools some times more then 70% was not happy ending for parents and poor families waste of money, time and energy. 25% of these kids never returned due to financial problems or lack of their parents interest. Today every one is talking about Pakistan not because we invented some new technologies but because we were the host and breeding ground for few terrorist who used my mother land to kill innocent humans to promote wrong image of Islam and Pakistan .

The important issues have been ignored by all business and political leaders because of lack of basic knowledge and social justice . The small business is the backbone of any nation regardless of the size and population of country. Small businesses keep main street busy and provide thousands of local jobs and insurance business for nation which is the most important part of banking and security for any nation. Big businesses are control by one group that can cause economical crisis . The enforcement of tax law in order to achieve goal and monitor quality of investment , Invite foreign investor and provide safety and security regardless of their color and religious back ground for small business .Communication technology can reduce coordination cost and improve industrialization and market access. Keeping basic 12 grade education system under state or federal umbrella will control cost of education for poor families . Evening school will be helpful for those kids who work in the morning to support their families . Corruption and favoritism based on languages and faith need to be stopped and the business of begging is getting out of control by land and other mafia groups .
It is IMF, World Bank and United Nations responsibility to analyze conditions of this universe and save hope seeking, struggling human beings from poverty, health, culture, religious and political problems by sating examples . The great greedy nations need to change all monuments, freedom towers, memorials , statues of war soldiers
who are holding guns and swords by changing the weapons with pens and books by realizing that the stone age is gone. It is 21st century now and people should end the hatred and violence and actually act like mature humans .

The material God kills human life, to control power the Saint Human Faith God (Rab) gives life and love . The day any nation will be able to keep alive a dying Fire Ant we will pray of that nation not humanity. Thus, It shame that Jihad is struggle for better life, many used this word for their personal interest to promote hatred and terrorism for special interest groups . All political parties using and used Pakistan as a personal bank account and used young college student to fulfill their personal aim .

Real sources of illnesses and evil is misunderstanding basic Islam or dreams of Mohammed Bin Qusim and Quaid-e-Azams for Great Pakistan. In order to change Pakistan, all Pakistanis should sacrifice self love from social love and improve social system in country. It is a tragedy that terrible injustices continue to occur in the 21st century . The real source of the illness is hiding in those dictators, kings, Queens, monarchies, army chiefs, organizations, government officials, presidents, vice presidents, political and Religious leaders who are driving humanity into a long struggle and conflicts to keep their wealth and power in 21st Century.
Dil Dil Pakistan
Written by Ajmal Mehdi
511 Pine Street Bristol CT U.S.A



Written by humanfealty/human Faith

August 14, 2013 at 2:55 am

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