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Medics Home Healthcare is a business based on client satisfaction. Client satisfaction in our service, in our prices and in our patient care technician and certified nursing technicians. Without any one of these three components our company would be incomplete.

Our Service is a representation of who we are as a company. It is a representation of who we are as collective people who care for each other’s needs and problems. We view every client and every individual as the sole reason for our company’s existence. Every single client is important to us and our goal is to make every client happy with what we have to provide.

Our Prices are as low as we can make them. Our goal in this regard is to provide our client with care at low discount prices without sacrificing service or quality. We don’t believe our client should ever have to choose between price and quality of our service and quality of our patient care technician and certified nursing technicians.

OUR MISSION: Medics Home Healthcare isn’t just another Home Healthcare Company, but an organization wholly committed to delivering affordable & compassionate care 24 / 7 with complete dedication to both our client experiences and their needs. We here at Medics Home Healthcare believe that every individual as the sole reason for our company’s existence.

Medics Home Health Companions offer “in home” and ” out of home” duties. Our licensed home care associates work closely with care managers to insure the best of service to their clients!


  • Stimulate mental awareness
  • Answer the door
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Companionship & Conversation
  • Social and emotional support
  • Preparing daily meals
  • Check food expiration dates
  • Monitor diet and eating
  • Assisting with meals
  • Assisting with clothing selection
  • Personal hygiene ,( includes- bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, and exercising.)
  • Transportation and appointment scheduling
  • Light house keeping
  • Leisure activities
  • Pet care
  • Managing mail
  • Aid with reading and writing
  • Laundry & Changing linens
  • Daily errands
  • Shopping
  • Prepare grocery lists
  • Discuss current and historical events
  • Monitor TV & Internet usage
  • Buy magazines, paper, and books
  • Plan outgoing trips
  • Read religious material of choice
  • Take out trash
  • Aid with morning and wake-up
  • Help with walking and Range of motion
  • Escort to religious services
  • Help incontinence, Stoma care , Bowel & Bladder care.
  • Observation, documentation and reporting and recording vital signs



Medics Home Health Companions can help clients by coordinating with home care managers with all kinds of knowledge and information. Whether it has to do with doctors , nurses, attorney, insurance, finances managers, state and federal.



Medics Home Health Companions provide counseling through our partners network who are licensed clinical social, psychological , marriage , grief and bereavement counselors.



We are here for a moment. Young and old for a moment. Husband, wife, mother, father, brother, son, daughter and friend for a moment. our story is a moment. There were many before us, fathers, mothers, brothers, sons, daughters and friends who were part of the moment, happy unhappy gone and there are mor…e coming to be the part of the moment who will be smarter than us unless we leave them something from our moment. At this moment we are deeply connected to the barbarian way of life unless we change our mental stage of religious, ideological, political and racial matters and advance life as one American for the world. Our doctrine of moment shows that the Supreme Being love’s you no matter what language and name you use for Prayer.
Written By Ajmal Mehdi


Written by humanfealty/human Faith

February 19, 2013 at 12:34 pm

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