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    Proceed Change in 2015

    We are at the end of 2014 and arriving at the beginning of 2015. There have been so many issues for human rights and social justice. Humanity is still evolving itself from the time of Ham and Sham to the Roman Empire created by Romus and Romulus. Today, almost 2015 years from the day Isa ibn a Miriam teaching continues as a democratic civilization and yet we are still debating what constitutes humanity.

    The Americans have the newest civilization with the best democratic system but still we are far from perfecting it due to lack of knowledge. The day we realize that degrees and certificates do not make you brighter and that all these individuals forming laws lack the basic concept of knowledge. In 2003, the congress pushed the Patriot Act to far and each congressman signed it without thoroughly reading it. All except one who thought about our founders bill of rights. And here we are teaching human fealty because a victim of the Patriot Act was forced to sign it due the difference in appearance from the common American citizen.

    The same ideology is running through many citizens who live around town, that greed and color are dividing our nation in issues ranging from immigration to healthcare. Since we are using the Gregorian calendar, how can we separate faith from state by realizing everything is a theological evolution that begins from the children of Adam. I hope 2015 should straighten out some laws and compensate those discriminated based on race and move forward based on human fealty/human faith by realizing this is the last evolution.

    I am unable to properly explain the unpleasant restrictions put in my mind because of the Patriot Act that I was forced to sign. The question arise what is freedom ? I hope we all can understand Freedom is based on free will given to all living things by our creator. I also wish we all can understand the links in the chain of racial profiling that resulted from this new democracy, or post 911 system of justice, which was neither well studied nor philosophically based on our forefather system of liberty.

    Now imagine that the same group which represents the nation’s majority seizes the power of Congress and legislation and justice system city by city , and then Question is what life you would expect for the minority specially those who are like me but with (Human Faith) which is not written on the face, Would it be strange for the majority to legislate laws particularly in the light of its own welfare to neglect the welfare of the minority and to fulfill its own desire in a manner unjust? Question again, who would save the minorities and defend them against the chain of discrimination for jobs, justice and tranquility ?

    I do apologize to be very critical to express my views when suffering from psychological effect to prove my patriotism by signing Patriot Act for the Government.
    We hope 2015 will bring purity into the corrupt justice system along with the sovereignty of each nation protected to uplift human beings to the light.

    Americans Minorities Alliance
    The People Party of Connecticut



    April 26, 2015 at 12:01 am

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