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Ajmal Mehdi was a young kid in Multan Pakistan who loved birds. one day Ajmal bought two parrots to keep at home as a pet to see how the parrots raise their chicks. After a couple months the parrots learned to a say a few words, one always said, ”I did not know” Ajmal called him intelligence officer.

The other one always said,’ you did it” Ajmal called him the journalist. after couple of years the parrots didn’t lay eggs, which made Ajmal worried.  Ajmal took them to the vet to figure out what was wrong. the veterinarian didn’t know what to do so the vet told Ajmal just to feed the birds a different type of food. After six months went by nothing happened.

 Ajmal prayed to his God (Rab) and asked heavenly light,  Why the parrots aren’t laying eggs ?  Heavenly light said that they are both male parrots. open the cage and let them free , freedom is birth right of all creator .

 Blessing on humanity (Rabi) from Ajmal Mehdi and Adam Mehdi the father and the son with Holy Spirit of human fealty! 

 Ajmal wanted to learn how to know if the bird is male or female ( Birds Gender ) the Heavenly light showed Ajmal the joints under the parrots legs. birds are like Humans. Time went by quick Ajmal happened to be in New Jersey USA working for 7-11 where he met two brothers Joey and Tony. The brothers were in business of import and export and somehow their import and export was done through pigeons.  One day Joey asked Ajmal while talking in the store that if he had any knowledge of birds and Ajmal said no, but birds are like humans. they love freedom , have a collar bone , human drop their teeth for age and birds drop their feathers for age.

 Then one night Joey brought a pigeon at the store where Ajmal worked he told Ajmal that whenever I try to send this pigeon as a messenger to Philadelphia it turns around and comes back, what is the reason ?

 Ajmal fingered the bird and the bird had eggs ready to be laid. that got them surprised, the brothers had bought the bird from Gino who was the owner of a cake shop was standing right behind got into argument . Next morning Ajmal saw Gino brought two partridge in a small cage to know what they were their Gender Identity .

we went outside opened the cage and try to grip the birds somehow the both partridge flow off. Ajmal looked in Geno eyes and smiled Geno got mad and left. after couple of hours a guy brought a gift box for Ajmal in it a small cake freedom written on the cake was from Gino.

Ajmal came home, prayed to his God (Rab) and asked heavenly light ,

 What is freedom ? The answer was knowledge.

God Bless Americans                           Sincerely, Ajmal Mehdi


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