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Seven Stones

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I see God ,
I see Angels,
I see the Mysteries of the day and night and realized the circle of seven divided into the blocks of time like seven heavens .

Whenever I threw seven stones into the Pine Lake of Bristol one by one there was a splash each time , disrupted the peace and created a circle of waves which multiplied into many one after another until waves disappeared . Our Universe is divided into different space and someone is responsible of its motion , movement the way it’s behaves Perhaps God.

I realized that I am a tiny matter of a motion that was splashed by Adam and Eve and continue, in my language I would say it’s Love of God.

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February 4, 2021 at 3:28 am

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Father of Hindustan

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The Father of India

On July 11th 1914 he was forty-four years old, he was a soft spoken politician with an idea of mass movement of racial separation. A self taught naturalist, spiritual with the idea of freedom, Mohandas K Gandhi landed in South Africa as a law clerk for the next twenty one years. His fluency in English and Gujarati made him well known amongst the young lawyers and for the next three years in London, he worked as an interpreter of Middle Temple to a half naked fakir (Saint) .

His appearance is still well known from his old law office at the corner of Rissik and Anderson street where he received visitors under a tinctured image of Jesus Christ. The vegetarian restaurant next door, where McDonald’s is currently located, was a common meeting place for young barristers and of course among them was Mahomedali Jinnahbhai of Lincoln’s Inn. Gandhi had many Muslim friends. He was in London for the Round Table Conference for India’s independence. When I visited the McDonalds in 2012, it reminded me that Gandhi’s struggle. This was the place where my fathers eldest brother received a gift, a book, which was written in 1734, that I still read once in a while to this day.

My struggle for political freedom in Bristol, Connecticut continues in the same manner as Gandhi, Mohammed Ali, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.

The crisis in the United States is that the State Department doesn’t protect political activists and minor political ideologies who are left at the mercy of municipalities and the individual State. The chain of tragedy is that whoever has political consciousness of self-managed, self-governed societies based on voluntary and cooperative institutions are living in fear of retaliation from the governing powers worldwide democracy and diplomacy comes from God secretly to those who enhance knowledge equally to improve life , unfortunately pre established politicians and government officials worldwide try to block “ His Essence “ whose secrets are only revealed to those who understand the reality of time.
Our history reminds us as an example “ the children of Israel “ were suffering in Egypt God intelligence came to Prophet Moses to rescue them and establish “ the land of Canaan.
Prophet Muhammad intelligence came from Allah through the angle Gabriel it says in Quran , Do you think that we do not hear their secrets and conspiracies ? Yes indeed, our messengers are with them to observe conditions.
The life of Jesus is an excellent example with John the Baptist . Jesus entry for “ Human Rights “ Into Jerusalem was on a donkey to fulfill the Old Testament prophecy of Prophet Zechariah coming of the Messiah to enhance equality and humanity.

According to the history great success and strength comes from the accuracy of God guidance with confidence by pointing the right people on the right positions for future planning and truth of a trust.

The People Party of Connecticut

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February 4, 2021 at 3:21 am

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Light of Urdu

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The Light of Urdu

“اردو کی روشنی “ قومی نظم از قلم اجمل مہدی فلوریڈا امریکا

اردو کی روشنی کے ہيں تارے جہاں جہاں،
ان میں ہے اک ستارہ محمد علی جناح
جس نے بڑھائی شان ہماری جہان میں،
قائد ہے وہ ہمارا محمد علی جناح

ہے جس کے دم سے امنِ فراواں کی روشنی
، تاریخِ نو کی ، نیّرِ تاباں کی روشنی
ہر صبح جو چمکتا ہے ماتھے پہ دیس کے،
سورج ہے پیارا پیارا محمد علی جناح

اس سے ہی خوابِ عزم نے تعبیر پائی ہے ،
آفاق جس سے چمکے وہ تنویر پائی ہے
یہ دھرتی جس کی کوششوں سے جگمگائی ہے،
وہ حق کا استعارہ محمد علی جناح

اس کا ہر ایک کام تھا اللہ کی رضا ،
ملت نے پایا عزم سے اسکے ہی حوصلہ
دنیا میں یادگار ہے جس شخص کی وفا،
ملت کے غم کا چارا محمد علی جناح

مہدی یہ اعتبارِ چمن اسکے دم سے ہے ،
روشن یہ آسمانِ وطن اسکے دم سے ہے
آزادی کی دلوں میں کرن اسکے دم سے ہے ،
ہاں ناز ہے ہمارا محمد علی جناح

اردو کی روشنی کے ہيں تارے جہاں جہاں ،
ان میں ہے اک ستارہ محمد علی جنا ح
جس نے بڑھائی شان ہماری جہان میں،

قائد ہے وہ ہمارا محمد علی جناح

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February 4, 2021 at 3:16 am

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