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Battle for the Supreme Court Super Women

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Battle for the Supeme Court Super Women 

There is an important meaning in the term of Article III providing that judges shall be appointed “ for good behavior “ because it is lifelong appointment with important responsibilities. 

The draftsman of the Constitution Thomas Jefferson knew that by subjecting President political power to legal constraints of Senate for advice and consent will help enhance system for the election of a judge. A federal Judge must be intelligent with extraordinary common sense to avoid political influences in the matter of justice. 

Perhaps Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one of them with an extraordinary common sense.

In 2003 postcards were mailed to the Supreme Court Justices with the nine divine affrimations of Human Faith, only one replied came with the note that the nine divine affirmations are better then the ten amendments of the Constitution and the ten Commandments of Moses. In the first hand we realized that it must be RBG but was unable to conform due to the legal restraints to contact a Supreme Court Justice. 

The Supreme Court justices justifies unclear political divide within the government and political powers and most important role in the development of state laws through the district courts of the United States. The Nov. 3 presidential election is also within the Supreme Court constitutional authority if any State or Federal post election controversy rise up the constitution gives power to the senators to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice before the election to have nine justices for the legitimacy of the election in case problem rises up . As for the argument and for the respect of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, We the member of the people party of Connecticut believe that the nomination of new justice must be done after 40 days of her death and reshaping the Supreme Court with the 11 ideologically unbalanced justices to enhance VI RI TAS.

The People Party of Connecticut 

Mehdi LLC

Written by humanfealty/human Faith

September 22, 2020 at 3:58 pm

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Republic Vs. Democracy

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Republicans vs. Democrats 

The election on Nov. 3rd offers voters only one choice to vote and most people tend to vote as always, We the patriots of the people party of Connecticut will vote In this most important presidential election in the history of our republic because of the “ law and order “ has never been so distributed. It’s like the waves in the ocean water before the hurricane of election . 

American Politicians are the children of democracy to ease the pain of people otherwise they are just fake actors to control power. In our republic democracy gets pregnant every four years and we notice that the same small group of the Republicans and the Democrats magicians city by city joins the conversations and congratulations for political appointments but for the pain of the pregnancy , Therefore every four years our democracy delivers a new baby with the same old ideologies and policies,  sometimes in the name of “ Obama “  and sometimes in the name of “ Trump”. 

Unfortunately since the system of democracy started we naver had a female child because Rousseau, the father of democratic theory wished to exclude all women, minorities , poor and propertyless persons from political power. He didn’t even include them in the term “ people “ until the words of President Abraham Lincoln took roots from Gettysburg PA for the diversity of soldier who sacrificed their lives “ that the Sovereign of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.

President Lincoln realized at very young age by observing nature that the function of the sovereign in not to control but to advance knowledge and freedom. Peace can be achieved with the law and order of human fealty.

The people party of Connecticut 

Mehdi LLC

Written by humanfealty/human Faith

September 18, 2020 at 3:48 pm

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